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Genesee Street Redesign Project


This project focuses on three areas on Genesee Street in the heart of downtown Utica. The sidewalk along the block where the Radisson Hotel is located, both sides of the Genesee St. between Court St. and Bank Plaza, and the public parking lot adjacent to the Stanley Theater. Near the Radisson, a curb bumpout was redesigned to capture and treat stormwater runoff. Both ends of the block were redesigned with decorative pavers to provide a plaza-like feel. In addition, a section of tree lawn to provide more shade along the sidewalk and a small “pocket-park” for those waiting at the nearby bus stop was proposed. Moving south, we examined both sides of Genesee Street between Court St. and Bank Plaza. This area was redesigned to include large rain garden planters to treat stormwater along the street while greening the sidewalk with shrubs and additional street trees. Decorative pavers were also incorporated into the redesigned sidewalk. It is hoped that this section of street will be used for outdoor cafes and dining and will attract restaurants and additional business to Utica. The rain garden planters are set back from the curb and spaced far enough apart to walk between so as not to hinder people getting in and out of their cars. Finally, retrofitting several areas within the parking lot adjacent to the Stanley Theater to treat stormwater generated there has also been proposed.

Project Goals

-Propose feasible means of implementing green design practices so as to mitigate effects of stormwater runoff and reduce inflow to the city’s combined sewage system.


City of Utica Engineering Department
City of Utica Parks Department