R2G in Action


We envision a thriving city that directly contributes to the health and well being of its community members. Health can be measured in many ways - physical, emotional, economic, so in creating a healthy city we take a wide approach. Creating a walkable city that encourages and supports alternative forms of transportation such as walking and biking are good for people's physical health. Creating a thriving local agriculture network will help provide people with healthy food and improve diet. Providing places that encourage social interaction and expose people to nature, restorative nature therapy.

Increasing health also means providing people with knowledge that will help them to make healthier choices, therefor part of our mission is also to educate people about health issues related to revitalization efforts, and create spaces that will function as learning spaces, teaching people new skills like how to grow their own food, that will cultivate healthier habits.


  • Food Network
  • OWG
  • MLK
  • Liberty Bell Park
  • Chancellor Park
  • Kemble Park