R2G in Action: Green Infrastructure

Oneida Square Roundabout
Public Greenspace Project

Project Description

Genesee Street is Utica's main street and one of its greatest community assets. Spanning the entire length of the city, not only does it provide a central transportation and communications spine, it is also the primary commercial district; has an exceptional stock of historic buildings; and has the potential to include city-long network of vibrant public and social interaction spaces.

The Oneida Square neighborhood is bisected by Genesee Street, and is where its transportation, commercial, social, historical and cultural functions converge. It is also where the City of Utica undertook its first large scale implementation of its new community generated Master Plan working with a $2 million traffic flow improvement project by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). This project is known as the Oneida Square Roundabout.

Rust to Green assisted the City of Utica and NYS DOT in the summer of 2011 as the Roundabout underwent construction. Rust to Green faculty and interns were able to adapt the proposed streetscape plans so that they could create significantly more green space while reducing project costs. The resulting Roundabout now includes two small park spaces that afford users access to public space, places to sit and plantable permeable areas that reflect the historic commercial context and setting of Oneida Square and Genesee Street.

Project Goals

  • Increase accessible public space
  • Reduce impervious surfaces and replace with permeable green areas
  • Create public spaces compatible with the historic aesthetic and contex


New York State Department of Transportation
City of Utica Engineering Department
City of Utica Department of Parks and Recreation
Landmarks Society of Greater Utica