R2G in Action: Green Infrastructure

Utica City Hall Parking Lot
Retro-fit Project

Project Description

While R2G Utica was helping to distribute rain barrels to Utica residents and demonstrating their use, we were informed that the city of Utica was in the process of constructing a parking lot adjacent to City Hall and a new Mosque. The R2G team went to the site, reviewed the plans with city engineering department head Goran Smilijic and staff engineers to discussed possibilities to retrofit the existing conventional parking lot design with water sensitive design practices. After discussion with the engineering department and contractor, we agreed to install two curb cuts at the north-western end of the lot and a bioretention practice that would accept, filter, and reduce the runoff from approximately 1/5th of the lot. The Cornell R2G team shared specification and other information regarding bioretention design with the city engineering department and design drawings were prepared for the R2G team's review. In addition to 'greening' the parking lot and constructing one of the first demonstration projects for the R2G Initiative, this project had other impacts, including establishing a working relationship with the City of Utica Engineering Department and leading to ideas for both a R2G green construction practices workshop series for city engineers and other staff (Binghamton Planning Department also expressed an interest in attending) and a meeting to sort through how communication among various city departments can be improved in the future.

Project Goals

Capture and treat stormwater to reduce inflow to combined sewage system


City of Utica Engineering Department
City of Utica Parks Department