Rust to Green Utica College Consortium

The R2G Utica College Consortium officially launched in December 2010 as a result of discussions unfolding in the Rust to Green Utica Core Group and an articulated desire to foster greater partnering between the City of Utica and a group of its greatest assets- its many institutions of higher education. The R2G Utica Core felt that the area's colleges could take a role in collective problem-solving if there was more community-campus engagement through community based research and service-learning. The idea of activating an R2G Civic Fellows corps and a College Consortium to support it was what motivated P. Horrigan (R2G Cornell) and C. Willemson (Hamilton's Levitt Center and R2G Utica Core) to spend the fall of 2010 meeting and contacting different campuses, college presidents and faculty in the Utica area to gauge interest and enroll support. Meetings with MVCC's President Randy Van Wagonner and with the Utica College Board, for example, resulted in the identification and appointment of representative faculty as well as in a significant show of support for the concept. Over the course of the fall, a larger group of representatives from 11 colleges were identified and at year's end, came together to form a "Learning Group." This group, known now as the R2G Utica College Consortium, met regularly over 2011 to develop their mission, generate ways of working together and map out the content and process for a shared Website which Hamilton College agreed to host. The College Consortium's monthly meetings are held at different campuses encouraging and enabling greater exchange and shared knowledge and understanding related to the variety and attributes of each campus partner. This process also enables partnerships to be fostered and developed. Such partnerships resulted in institutional support being provided for several 2011 R2G Summer Fellows by Colgate University's Upstate Institute, Hamilton College's Levitt Center, Cornell University, Utica College and MWPratt. The R2G Utica College Consortium website was developed and launched in late summer 2011 with the assistance of a Levitt Center supported R2G summer intern.

MISSION of R2G Utica College Consortium

  • The R2G College Consortium facilitates actions and interactions between academic and community partners engaged in reimagining and reinventing Utica and its region's sustainable future in a century of rapid environmental and societal change.
  • By catalyzing, coordinating and integrating relationships, projects, and dialogues, the R2G CC creates tangible and replicable community impacts and advances greater social, economic and environmental resilience.
  • The R2G CC is a cooperative partnership taking a proactive role in Utica's shift from rust to green by mobilizing collaborations and partnerships, promoting creativity and innovation, and sharing and exchanging knowledge.
Consortium Partner Colleges and Universities

  1. Cornell University
  2. Colgate University
  3. Hamilton College
  4. Utica College
  5. Mohawk Valley Community College
  6. SUNY Institute of Technology
  7. Empire State College
  8. SUNY Morrisville
  9. MWPratt Arts Institue
  10. Utica School of Commerce
  11. Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing

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