Mohawk Valley Food Action Network

The Mohawk Valley Food Action Network (MVFAN) is a collaborative community effort aimed at establishing a productive and resilient regional food system and ensuring equal access to affordable, healthy and nutritious food for all. Mohawk Valley Food Action Network launched in 2011 as a project of R2G NY and R2G Utica. It now includes many active local and regional partners working together to understand how the Mohawk Valley's Food System is currently operating and to co-create ways to improve its ability to meet the area's changing social, economic and environmental needs.

The MOHAWK VALLEY FOOD ACTION NETWORK engages the communities of Oneida County and the surrounding region to create a healthy and secure future based on a productive, resilient local food system where affordable, healthy and nutritious food is accessible to all.

MVFAN's goal for 2013 is to launch a Food Policy Council (FPC). It seeks to foster shared knowledge, integrated understanding and actions by all those who are part of the local food system - organizations, individuals, agencies, governmental entities and businesses and works to develop and strengthen the Mohawk Valley's food system by:

  • Conducting a Food Assessment Survey to understand food access barriers
  • Mapping the geography of urban and rural hunger
  • Educating citizens about food systems, food choices and nutrition
  • Documenting and evaluating the area's food system
  • Creating an accessible food system databank
  • Identifying specific action steps to increase food access and availability of nutritious food
  • Designing the framework for a Food Policy Council
  • Identifying innovative ways to enhance the Mohawk Valley's food system