R2G in Action

Smart Networks

What are the questions we need to be asking?

  1. How can we build a comprehensive network of community resources?
  2. How can we stimulate connections and communication/relationships between existing community resources?
  3. How can existing community organizations/assets be leveraged in the effort to revitalize the city?
  4. How can Academic communities build relationships with each other and with the community to share resources with each other and act as a greater resource to the community?

"R2G plays a linking and networking role by facilitating collective place -based problem solving using sustainable design and planning theories, principles and practices, that is enabling, actionable, and visionary" - from website

R2g helps Cornell educators, researchers and students act together with community partners and stakeholders to identify community assets and potentials as well as problems and needs and then to imagine and implement innovative and transformative strategies, solutions, and actions steps.

While we talk about Utica in terms of needing revitalization, it is critical to recognize that despite hardships, Utica has a large number of existing organizations that create a diverse collection of community resources that serve a diverse population. Rust2green aims to function as an agent around which these community assets can come together, communicate, and work collaboratively towards achieving appositive vision. Together, community assets can build a network that functions collaboratively. When isolated community resources are connected to and communicating with each other, opportunities to combine resources and achieve change grow.

Part of r2g's mission is to identify community assets, identify how they can be engaged in revitalization efforts. By partnering with existing community organizations and assets, rust to green can be more effective as an agent of revitalization, and can partner with community groups to identify how to match up revitalization efforts with the goals of existing organizations.

When singular community organizations communicate and work together they create a united network of community resources. A third, new resource is created in the network that is built between joint collaboration and partnership of community assets.